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Monday, November 09, 2015

A VIEW FROM THE 66 POW - Shirebrook Town 0-0 AFC Mansfield

When approaching this match report I was thinking 'how do I put a positive spin on this?' for both sides!

When reading the Shirebrook report we are described as 'poor'.  Unfortunately for Shirebrook they were unable to beat a 'poor' side who only had 10 men for the last 30 minutes.  In terms of match reports I would call that an own goal Sam.

So, I then turned to the report from The 66 POW, accessible on the link below.  As they say you can't re-invent the wheel, this account sums the game up perfectly.  Anything I could write or add would pale into insignificance. 

So enjoy:

The 66 POW

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